MARCIA LYONS is an American experimental performance artist, photographer and painter. Lyons gained recognition in the New York art scene during the wave of BITCH Art + MEDIA + Performativity, culminating in many awards, including the prestigious Jules Guerin ROME PRIZE in the Visual Arts at The American Academy. 


Fusing site and performance — her work is a brew, inhabiting the live-worlds and traditions of the public art and witnessing sphere, thickened with a rich cross-pollination of methods; painting, photography, sound, dramaturgy and media. Going on location, melding site with her own narrative as a ‘host’ body, absorbing things in a day-to-day focus, the work begins to reveal an internal logic. Her ‘character’ zones begin to storyboard ‘live-action shots’ in the form of larger than life images and mediated experiences, rooted in painting and light. 



In 2014, Lyons became the CIRI Scholar of Media, receiving a Doctorate from the European Graduate School, Switzerland and Auckland University of Technology, NZ. Currently living and working between Los Angeles and Naples, FLA, her recent work is a concentration primarily in water. Her paintings are meticulously created and available on commission.



Tel: 505-603-8489